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Introducing Ultron and our selection of specialized systems and services.

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Ultron Property Management System

Ultron PMS is a powerful and user-friendly cloud-based platform with a strong backend support that is designed for all hostels and hotels. It is fully-integrated with leading Channel Managers, Online Travel Agents. It is robust and has a comprehensive reporting function.

Ultron Smart Concierge

Ultron Smart Concierge is a fully-integrated automatic check-in kiosk or mobile application where guests can do self-check-in and out. Both the kiosk and mobile application handles travel document verification (through facial recognition), payment (deposit and refund) and room access via dispensing of room cards (kiosk) or mobile.

Ultron Smart Access System

Ultron SaS is an integrated access system that is connected through reader and relay to provide a seamless check-in to room access experience.

Ultron Dynamic Pricing Services

Ultron Dynamic Pricing Services includes a tailor-made revenue management solution suitable for every property and allows hotel operators to focus their efforts on the guest experience, branding and local marketing.

Ultron Housekeeping iQC

A mobile application that transforms images into information through the use of artificial intelligence. This App enables housekeepers to perform self-assessment and make instant corrections amongst other features.